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Success Stories

Dow Safety Campaign


RH had been trying for years to improve its safety culture.  Employees weren’t getting injured by unsafe work conditions—so the next improvement step would be a culture change that would inspire employees to feel more comfortable speaking up about safety—whether it’s to provide safety feedback to a co-worker, or suggesting a safety improvement to a manager. 

That’s where Bosha Design came in.RH had a set of safety training tools, including a “Speak Up / Listen Up for Safety” video, that they wanted to give employees.  What they needed from us was a way to get “buy in” from employees on the new training and excitement about the campaign.


We worked closely with RH to design a campaign that was customized to the needs of their employees and would accomplish all of the campaign goals.  We developed a wide variety of tactics, as well as a timeline for implementation.  Every single one of our tactics was specially-designed to not only make employees aware of the campaign, but also to get them ENGAGED in the campaign.  It’s not enough that employees are aware of a campaign like this…They have to feel involved with the message.

Our first step was to "tease" the campaign. We hung large posters all over the participating sites with a large poster of Spike sitting in front of the main RH location. The poster said nothing except “Look Who’s Coming to Rohm and Haas.” This generated A LOT of water cooler discussion about this giant dog. Was he coming to chase the geese?

Two weeks later, we unveiled the campaign messaging, which explained why a safety campaign was needed, and that employees would be an important part of the success of the campaign. Shortly afterward, we held a large event to officially “kick off” the Spike program. The event featured giveaways, leadership talks about safety, food, music and fun. Almost 1,000 employees attended, and the reviews were extremely positive.

Now that employees knew about the campaign, RH began training employees with the new “Speak Up / Listen Up” tools. Every single employee was trained.

To keep the campaign momentum going, we worked with RH to implement our communication tactics including:

  • Frequent changing of the large posters to promote a new specific “Speak Up for Safety” topic
  • Contest opportunities for employees
  • The launch of a new interactive safety newsletter
  • Installation of flat screen LCD “Spike TV” to provide constant updates


A recent survey indicated that 98% of employees feel that the “Spike says, “Speak Up for Safety” Campaign has increased their comfort level with giving and receiving safety feedback. RH has been thrilled with the results—and we’ve had a ton of fun working with them! Bosha Design was also presented with a Philadelphia American Marketing Association (PAMA,) Marketer of the Year Award for Branding and Corporate ID for the Spike Safety Campaign.

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