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Success Stories



INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT CONSULTING (INTEGRITY) provides acquisition and program management support services to federal customers. These customers demand nothing less than mission success and are held responsible by the Congress, regulatory bodies, and the nation. As a founding principle, INTEGRITY intends all its work to have far-reaching impacts on customers’ missions and the nation as a whole. INTEGRITY resists providing "shelf ware" that does not lead to action and results.


In May 2011, INTEGRITY needed to refresh its messaging and branding before the all-important National Contract Management Association (NCMA) World Congress in early July. INTEGRITY wanted to se time, the goal was to build a strategic platform for marketing and promotional efforts for the rhape its “story” to target potential federal customers and recruits among the attendees. At the samemainder of the year and beyond. That meant an enormous load of strategic and tactical work had to be accomplished on a very tight timetable—something INTEGRITY prides itself on when working for its clients.

So does Bosha Design.

Goals and Objectives

  • Transform and reinvent INTEGRITY brand equities and materials into simple, compelling visuals and messages to build customer awareness and job candidate interest.
  • Communicate INTEGRITY's functional expertise driven by absolute integrity and resulting in trusted partnerships and complete customer satisfaction
  • Register INTEGRITY's true higher calling to out-perform customer expectations and competitors, grow personnel with actionable development plans, and meaningful work, and give back to the community through selfless service, i.e., INTEGRITY's "Triangle" of Impacts
  • Capture the solidity and dynamism of an award winning and fast growing small business


The INTEGRITY Brand needed a new visual identity that communicated the strength and integrity of their brand. The image of a stone pillar or column was an element of their old logo. As rendered, the graphic did not convey the strength or support the organization offered to customers. Bosha Design distilled the column down to its essence using a simple graphic icon and two colors. Bosha went further and "echoed" the column graphic in the logotype. The brand logo and icon now registers cleanly and rewards repeated viewings.

Bosha Design carried this iconic treatment through all marketing materials and created a basis for new imagery for the trade show displays, corporate brochure and recruiting material. Similarly, the website had to be re-framed, re-designed and re-written on an accelerated timetable to maximize the "news" value of the re-staged branding and other materials.


The INTEGRITY brand image, values, and story are simple, graphic, direct, and distinct from the competition. The client believed their trade show presence had heightened stopping power over previous years. Unprompted and qualitative feedback from within the industry and among job candidates has been overwhelmingly positive. Promotional touch points, business cards, brochures, website, Facebook pages are in place and continue to gain recognition.

INTEGRITY's new public "face" will continue to draw attention and build value over time. Everyone owns this successful result due to a highly collaborative process and a trusted partnership around a common goal.


"We got the highest compliment today at the trade show — we were told we had the BEST giveaways of the conference! Hats off to the team for their creativity! Thank you everyone at Bosha Design for helping us make such a buzz this week with our new look and for being a true partner in our success! We definitely stood out from our competitors in a very crowded venue."

—Mary Beth Romani, Chief Strategy Officer

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